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Get the inside scoop on Four Seasons Residences with Christine Martinez de Castro CMC Group – Exclusive Q&A

Four Seasons Residences CMC Group Marketing Director Christine Martinez de Castro Q&A

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Get the inside scoop on Four Seasons Residences with Christine Martinez de Castro CMC Group – Exclusive Q&A

Can you provide an overview of the Four Seasons Residences project coming to Coconut Grove? What inspired the decision to bring a Four Seasons to this location?

Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove is the first Four Seasons-branded residential development without an attached hotel in all of Florida. The 20-story building sports contextual architecture by Miami-based architect Luis Revuelta and 70 homes ranging from two- to four-bedrooms, with interiors and amenities crafted by the acclaimed Florentine designer Michele Bönan. Branded residences have been steadily captivating the luxury real estate market and Four Seasons has established itself as an industry leader with its proven hospitality service, so we knew they were the right partner for us to develop this incredible waterfront site in Coconut Grove, alongside Fort Partners.

Coconut Grove has always been a haven for privacy and waterfront elegance outside of Miami’s hustle and bustle, but we noticed an increased desire for a new luxury residential lifestyle over the past few years. People are looking for opportunities that offer the space and intimacy of a private home alongside the convenience and amenities of a full-service condo. With Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove, we’re bringing a development to the market that is intentionally crafted to meet the demand. We recently launched sales and the full-service Four Seasons homes are already resonating with today’s most discerning luxury buyers, who appreciate exceptional service, the value of condo living, thoughtful amenities and beautifully designed homes. 

What unique features or amenities will the Four Seasons residences in Coconut Grove offer compared to other luxury residences in the area?

Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove is designed to provide residents with a luxurious, private-club-like living experience. While other branded residences exist in Miami and throughout Florida, we’re offering a new kind of lifestyle that provides the incredible services of Four Seasons, but without hotel guests. The homes themselves stand out as well, with each featuring an expansive layout and views.

The amenities collection is equally as impressive as the homes and will include everything that a buyer would want, right at their fingertips. There will be a restaurant for residents and the community at large, as well as state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga room, spa, private event room and an expansive pool deck and bar lounge serviced by Four Seasons. As part of this comprehensive lifestyle experience, residents will also have access to the legendary Four Seasons services, including a dedicated Director of Residences, concierge, housekeeping and butler, in-residence dining, valet, wellness programming and more. 

How will the design and architecture of the residences reflect the local culture and environment of Coconut Grove?  

Every inch of the homes and amenity spaces are inspired by the surrounding neighborhood, from the history to the scenery to the exceptional quality of life. For centuries, people have been drawn to Coconut Grove’s breathtaking landscape and vibrancy, and we expect buyers to be drawn to this property because of the masterful way it brings that atmosphere into the homes and everyday life. 

Celebrated local architect Luis Revuelta designed the building with a softly curved façade that allows it to blend into the land’s natural rhythm and create a defining yet attractive presence on the skyline. Inside the building, designer Michele Bönan is establishing a cohesive connection between the living spaces and the natural beauty of Coconut Grove, with design elements that are directly influenced by the surrounding environment, such as the rhythm of the ocean, patterns created in the sand and the colors of nature. Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove is intended to feel like an extension of what people know, love and yearn for. 

What target demographic is the Four Seasons in Coconut Grove aiming to attract?

This development is a result of a first-time, close-knit collaboration between CMC Group and Fort Partners. Our two firms share an ambition to elevate the standard of living in a market ripe for genuine, world-class real estate and hospitality experiences, and the trust and credibility of these teams, alongside the globally renowned Four Seasons brand, is already driving interest in the project.

We’ve seen local residents who are looking to “right-size” their space and find a new home in a walkable, vibrant neighborhood, as well as those who have been waiting for the right opportunity to purchase a home in a fast-growing market. We’ve also seen interest from buyers relocating from New York and other parts of the US who are looking for a family-friendly location close to some of the nation’s best schools.

Overall, our buyers appreciate the value of full-service condo living. Owners at Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove will bask in all the luxuries and conveniences of a hotel, but in meticulously crafted homes with expansive floor plans and the privacy of a boutique condominium. The amenity spaces and services appeal to residents who value community and a strong balance between work, play and relaxation in beautifully designed spaces that enrich their lives.

How will the residence integrate with the existing Coconut Grove neighborhood, and what efforts are being made to ensure it becomes a valued member of the community?

Four Seasons Private Residences Coconut Grove will reflect the best of what the neighborhood has to offer: a serene atmosphere steeped in culture and connectedness. The development will be integrated seamlessly into the existing offerings in the neighborhood, providing beautiful waterfront views, a new public restaurant for the community and more. In each step of the planning process, our teams have paid close attention to ensuring the project is woven into the existing fabric of the Coconut Grove landscape and neighborhood so it only further elevates the area.

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