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Fat reduction massages and ultra lipo cavitation

Fat Reduction Lipo Miami coconut grove magazine

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Fat reduction massages and ultra lipo cavitation

Fat reduction massages are very strong localized massages performed by Post Lipo Massage specialists. They consist in reducing fat that’s been accumulated between the muscle and skin. We apply this technique in the abdomen, love handles, back, arms, glutes, and legs. For this treatment we combine deep tissue massages, cavitation and lymphatic drainage.

Ultra Cavitation is a treatment that uses high intensity and low frequency ultrasonic waves to aid in the reduction of fat cells in the body. This system uses two specially designed heads which have intensity of 40 Khz and 25 Khz. These specifically designed wave intensity’s create micro bubbles inside the adiposities, causes the cells to disintegrate and emulsify into the lymphatic system of the body. The fatty acids will be broken down into simple fatty acid groups. The ultrasound frequency waves are designed on this system to be both safe and effective on the body. This system can be used in a variety of treatments ranging from fat and cellulite reduction, body shaping and contouring. Reduction can range from 1-2 cms. per session, depending on patient.

The use of Cavitation is not only for the elimination of localized fat. It can also been used as a muscle toner. While fat is being eliminated from areas like the arms it allows for that area to become more firm and toned quicker and with less flaccidity.

An important advantage of cavitation that should be mentioned is that it’s a non-invasive process. Although for this same reason it is contraindicated for individuals with heart problems, pace makers, pregnancy, and those with metal plates implanted in the body, etc.

This treatment is also accompanied by vacuum therapy, electrical stimulation, vibrotherapy, wood therapy, and hot blanket. The combination of these techniques allow for better and quicker results.

Fat Reduction Lipo Miami coconut grove magazine

It is very important to drink water before and after each session. Throughout the duration of your treatment you should drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.

Duration of treatment
We recommend for better results that our patients come three times a week for either an hour session or and hour and a 1/2 . That all depends on the patient and their conditions. Minimum of 18 sessions.

For details please call (786) 942-5360

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